Services We Provide

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)

Preventive Maintenence

Presently we are providing preventative maintenance services. These services help get the most utility out of your air conditioning systems. Periodic servicing of A/C equipment is important and cost effective in the long run. You will enjoy the following benefits when we service and tune up your central air systems:

  1. Maximum operating cost savings through high efficiency equipment, materials, and clean operating conditions
  2. Reduced risk of costly breakdowns and repeairs
  3. Optimum air quality and comfort as well as prologed life of interior furnishings
  4. Extended a/c system life

Corrective Maintenence

We have some of the best professionals on our team of service specialists. We offer a timely and acurate response to your service requirements.

Since we opened in 2000, we have installed and repaired thousands of air conditioning systems, so you know you can count on us for an expert diagnosis and repair of your equipment. Our fleet of service vehicles provide an extensive assortment of repair parts, which means less down time for you and overall defined savings.

CIACS technicians are polite and skilled and their only goal is to provide you the best service.

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