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Crafting efficient, comfortable spaces. Our HVAC expertise ensures newbuilds merge innovation and reliability seamlessly.

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Renovations &

Revitalize and maintain with precision. Our HVAC services keep spaces optimized and occupants content.

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Simplify with turn-key excellence. From concept to completion, our solutions ensure hassle-free, peak system performance.

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Balance cost and quality. Our approach maximizes efficiency, minimizes expenses, delivering lasting HVAC solutions.

A few things we offer

We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business.

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Experience optimal indoor comfort with our HVAC expertise. From installations to maintenance, we ensure efficient and reliable climate control solutions.

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Precise pipelines for seamless operations. Our piping services guarantee efficient transport of liquids and gases with a focus on durability and performance.

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Elevate energy efficiency with our insulation solutions. From thermal to acoustic, we provide top-notch insulation services for a sustainable environment.

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Efficient airflow, optimized spaces. Our ductwork solutions ensure proper ventilation and air distribution, enhancing indoor air quality and comfort.

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Reliable water management for every need. Our plumbing services cover installations, repairs, and maintenance, ensuring efficient and durable systems.

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Safeguarding spaces with precision. Our fire protection solutions include state-of-the-art systems, installations, and maintenance, ensuring the safety of your environment.

About Us

Enjoy the best design & function combined together

Our capacity to complete custom designed, high quality installations has transformed CIACS into the most successful mechanical contractor in the Caribbean. Hire us for your next project be it residential, commercial, hotel or industrial.

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The Secret of Success

Embark on a journey of unparalleled excellence with our services where quality is non-negotiable.


We leverage the latest advancements to deliver efficient and innovative mechanical solutions.

Experienced Team

Our seasoned professionals bring decades of collective expertise in HVAC, ensuring unparalleled service.

Customized Solutions

We leverage the latest advancements to deliver efficient and innovative solutions.

Timely Delivery

With a commitment to deadlines, we ensure your projects are completed promptly and efficiently.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality checks at every stage guarantee durable, reliable, and top-notch installations.


Implementing strategic cost-saving measures without compromising on quality ensures budget-friendly solutions.

Client-Centric Focus

Placing client satisfaction at the core, we prioritize communication, transparency, and responsive customer service.

Environmental Responsibility

Incorporating eco-friendly practices in our operations aligns with our commitment to sustainable and green initiatives.

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Our expanding project portfolio includes a diverse array of building types including casinos, commercial and office buildings, convention centers, government buildings, laboratories, hotels and resorts, industrial developments, medical facilities, residential, and supermarkets.

Rendered image of Baha Mar Resort, in Nassau, The BahamasAn image of Princess Margaret Hospital, in Nassau, The BahamasWorld Trade Center in Mexico City, MexicoImage of the Mexican Stock Exchange in Mexico City, MexicoImage of Marina Village on Paradise Island in Nassau, The BahamasImage of Harborside Resort on Paradise Island, in Nassau, The BahamasImage of Albany, in Nassau, The BahamasImage of The Atlantis Resort, on Paradise Island, in Nassau, The BahamasImage of Harborside Resort on Paradise Island, in Nassau, The Bahamas
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